St. John Honeymoon – Days Ten and Eleven

Our last full day on the island and of course the weather is gloomy!  Huge bummer because I was really hoping we would visit two more beaches today.  We started out by getting breakfast at Deli Grotto.  I had the Western Omelet and Tony got the Breakfast Burrito.  Both were good and filling!  I also asked for a “crack” bar to go.  People have raved about this treat so I had to see what it was all about. It’s a coconut chocolate bar, but I actually didn’t think it was all that great.  Too much coconut for me.

The one indoor activity I could think of was that we could check out the National Park Visitors Center.  It was a bit of a let down.  The center was a large open space with some details about the wildlife and plants that make up the national park.  Good information, but it didn’t help us waste much time.  Then it started raining.  Yep, beaches were not on the schedule for today.

My new hook bracelet

My new hook bracelet

We spent more time relaxing at the villa.  Tony with his 5th (or 6th) book and me with the TV.  I really wish I had a book to read.  I watch this same TV at home all the time.  Watching it here was the very last thing I wanted to do.  It was nearing time for lunch and I researched book stores.  Luckily there was one next to the grocery store.  On the way to lunch we stopped and I got a book to finally give me something better to do with my time.

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St. John Honeymoon – Day Nine

Another slow start to the morning.  This new villa has cable, so I enjoyed some HGTV before Tony woke up.  I’ve actually enjoyed my time away from TV, but I’m out of books to read!  We got ready and headed to Cinnamon Bay.  The set of snorkel gear at this villa don’t look that great so we decided to go without it.



Instead of snorkeling we lounged on the beach and stood in the water for awhile.  A pair of fish were really interested in our feet, or rather the sand we kicked up near our feet.  We spent a good amount of time (probably more than necessary) just watching these fish and continually kicking up more sand.


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St. John Honeymoon – Day Eight

Today we leave one villa and check in to another.  The first place we stayed rents per week, and we wanted to stay more than a week, but less than two. So I found another place that has a 3 day minimum to spend a few extra days on the island.  The morning was spent casually packing and getting ready for the jazz brunch at Miss Lucy’s.

I’ve read that it is best to arrive early, otherwise seats are taken and you will have to wait around watching people eat their food.  Brunch started at 10:00, but we arrived at 9:30.  There were already a few tables taken when we arrived.  I walked around the beach while we waited for the service to start.  More and more people were showing up, and eventually we noticed that people had to start waiting around for a table to become available.  Well, Miss Lucy’s is used to their busy brunch time and definitely have procedures in place.  They have a note on the menu asking people to be patient, and they mean it!

The beach at Miss Lucy's

The beach at Miss Lucy’s

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St. John Honeymoon – Day Seven

The days are getting a lot lazier.  I haven’t been able to sleep in really, which is just a problem for me in everyday life.  This day I woke up at 6:30 am!  There is no reason I had to be up this early.  Oh well, sit around and read for two hours before Tony wakes up.  Once we were both awake, changed, and covered in sunscreen (daily ritual!) we headed to the beach.

I wanted to go to a beach on the East End (kind of obvious, but far east side of the island).  We decided on the south side of Haulover because I’ve read that it is a good area for novice snorkelers.  The beach has a rocky entry and we almost stepped on tiny sea urchins!  We found a different sandy entry spot (the only 3 feet on the whole beach).


We were looking for an octopus because we’ve read that people have spotted them here before.  However, they are also very difficult to find.  They don’t move much and so you really have to be paying attention.  We weren’t able to see one, but Tony is pretty sure he saw small squid.  We tried to chase them with the camera, but like most animals that just made them swim fast and away!  I also liked just watching the coral move.  I have a couple of videos that I took just to watch the swaying coral.



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St. John Honeymoon – Day Six

Today we actually, seriously, took it easy.  Once Tony was awake (I always get up before him) then we headed to Maho for another day of snorkeling.  This time we packed a lunch of sandwiches, chips, and apples.  We got to the beach at about 10:30 and the bay was pretty quiet.  Plenty of people there, but no one in the water.


Ah, Maho....

Ah, Maho….


I was enjoying the sun and relaxing on the beach while Tony walked the shore and suddenly I saw a small shark swim RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!  It was a lemon shark, about 3 ft long.  I called Tony over because I knew he would be excited to see this, and grabbed the camera.  The shark was moving fast enough that it was tough to get pictures of.  Although it was staying in very shallow water and Tony got a few pictures.  Maho is officially our favorite beach.



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